We have a great line-up of seminars for you to participate in.  You asked for more time with the instructors and these were the two most requested. So they will be holding sessions all day Monday and Tuesday from 9am -3pm in their assigned classrooms. They will be covering a variety of subjects you asked for. We want you to be able to talk to the instructors and spend time with them. There will a Q & A session with the Geeks on Tour and some time for one on one. We hope this meets with your satisfaction.
There will also be a Tupperware demo by Lynn Seudel showing not only the many uses but how to fit them in your rig by the use of schematics that she has for most RV’s. A Fashion Show and Craft classes are also scheduled.

Geeks on Tour

Jim and Chris Guld are the original “GEEKS ON TOUR” and they will be presenting a variety of fun stuff including: What to do with all those photos you have been taking during your travels, How to use Google maps to make your travels easier, and “What does this button do?” (The only buttons I know are the ones on my blouse).  These are just a few of the subjects you can enjoy. Watch for updates and class schedules. Let’s get our GEEKS on!!



Jim Koca is an RV Boot Camp instructor for the ESCAPEE RV Club. With over 38 years of service in the police force, he has seen how negligent maintenance can make a fun trip a disaster. Jim instructs classes in personal safety, weight management (the RV not you), tire safety, and other related RV safety topics. He will talk about general maintenance, propane safety and even your bucket list.  “Boot Camp Express” will be on Saturday April 21. You must sign up prior to the Rally. Contact Jim Koca at